4 Tips for Talking to Your Doctor

You know yourself better than anyone else, it is a key advantage and you need to count on it whenever you make a doctor’s appointment. Whether it is an in-person visit at the clinic or you have called a doctor at home or you prefer to take an online consultation, you need to talk openly to your health provider to work together with them to retain your health. Here are a few tips that you need to keep in mind while talking to your doctor:

Ask Questions: Do not feel rushed while talking to your doctor. Try to ask all questions coming to your mind regarding the health issue as well as the treatment. Clarifying your doubts will help in improving the quality of care you receive. Do not hesitate while asking to enquire about the potential side-effects of the medicines prescribed by the doctor or the purpose of a lab test or alternative treatments that can improve your health condition. A clear discussion with your doctor will help in avoiding risks and complications later.

Being Honest is the Key: If you want your doctor to make the right diagnosis, you need to be honest with the physician about your lifestyle habits, such as smoking, diet, exercise routine or alcohol use. Telling the truth to your doctor may help them to give suggestions regarding any lifestyle changes you need to improve your health condition.

Set the Agenda: An average doctor’s appointment lasts for 20 minutes, so it is better to make mental notes about your health concerns before you see the doctor. Make sure you don’t leave out on informing your doctor about the symptoms, family history factors that could be contributing towards your current health situation or prescription refill requests.

Bring someone with you: If you are visiting the doctor for a fever or cough than you may not require another set of eyes and ears, but if you are visiting the doctor for a significant health concern it is advisable to take a family member or friend along. Taking someone with you will not only provide emotional support but also that person can help in remembering what the doctor tells you during the visit. If the condition is serious and you have a problem to go out in person to visit the doctor you can call doctor at home within the safe space of your home and company of loved ones.