Role of Physiotherapy in Alleviating Age Related Problems

As we age our body goes through several changes and our ageing loved ones can develop musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and neurological conditions. These conditions can make your loved ones suffer from ailments like arthritis, osteoporosis, shoulder pain etc. These conditions can become a major discomfort for your loved ones as they may suffer from nagging pain that can hinder their mobility as well as day to day activities if left untreated for a longer time.

Physiotherapy is a proven methodology for elderly parents to engage in exercises for as long as their health will allow it help to decrease discomfort due to conditions like arthritis and osteoporosis. The exercises suggested by the physiotherapist can help to mitigate the pain and stiffness caused by joint problems.

Professional physiotherapists are well trained on how to approach treatment for the elderly. They will adopt a delicate and sensitive approach during actual physical therapy, as well as while communicating and interacting with patients. Physiotherapy takes each patient’s total wellness into consideration and aims to improve the overall wellbeing of each person seeking help.

Physiotherapy also promotes mental well-being

Besides helping in alleviating pain caused due to age related issues, physiotherapy can also be beneficial for the mental well-being of the elderly. Issues such as social difficulties, sleep problems and even just the challenges of day to day life can be lessened through physiotherapy services.

Can reduce dependency on pain killers

Physiotherapy is also a great alternative to harsh pain killers usually popped by ageing loved ones while experiencing joint pain. It is especially a boon for older adults who may have a digestive or immune system intolerance or suffer serious side-effects to these pain killers.

Helps elderly to remain independent

Physiotherapy interventions that are proven to be effective for older people include stretching and strengthening exercise programmes and practicing activities that challenge balance. They can also provide equipment such as walking aids to facilitate independent living. Ultimately they will work with the elderly to ensure that they remain independent to an extent.

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