Mother & Baby

Returning home with a newborn can be a daunting task for new mothers. Health2Home’s nurses and midwives are well-trained to guide you through the first steps of motherhood. You will be instructed on newborn baby care, including what to expect during the first few weeks at home with a newborn.

Equipped with specialised training, our experienced nurses and midwives provide specific instructions and practical help for the new mother. From nutrition, exercise, breastfeeding to helping the siblings get accustomed to the new baby in the house, our nurses are there to ease you into motherhood with their gentle and caring touch.

Parenthood is a magical journey, and we want to provide you with the best start possible by providing the best baby, child & mother care services available in the UAE. Our nurses will make sure that your newborn is comfortable through the first few months of his/her life. If you have any query or concern you can contact us today.

Scope of Services
  • Prenatal assessment, education and counselling
  • Newborn baby care like feeding, bathing, nappy changing, baby settling, sleeping and dealing with a colicky baby
  • Baby health monitoring including growth charting, baby weighing and observation of fontanels
  • Mothers’ breastfeeding support and education
  • Post-delivery wound care
  • Psychosocial support
  • Sibling integration and comfort
Newborn Baby Care At Home

We make your Transition to Parenthood stress-free, smooth and enjoyable. We specialise in providing professional mother & newborn baby care at home.

The main aim of our services is to provide you with the support that you can rely on, such as:
  • Supporting you on returning home from hospital stay
  • Helping you get a good night's sleep
  • Help care for multiple babies at home
  • Smoothing your return to work or attending to other commitments
  • Assisting you during your nanny’s leave
  • Prenatal care
  • Neonatal care
  • Postnatal care
  • Paediatric care
  • Professional nanny coaching