Patient Rights

& Responsibilities

Our patients’ comfort and recovery are at the heart of our priorities. We value our patient rights and responsibilities explained in detail below.
  • Rights of Patients
    • Right to information and knowledge about care.
    • Right to be informed about patient rights and responsibilities.
    • Right to be treated in consideration of personal values and beliefs.
    • Right to be treated with dignity and respect, consistent with professional standards regardless of payment, race, sex, nationality, religion, culture, disability or any other factor.
    • Right to have personal freedom and expression of choices while treated at home.
    • Right to privacy and confidentiality about personal and care-related information.
    • Right to have them and or family members participate in the care process.
    • Right to receive treatment or care-related information in the language that they can understand.
    • Right to refuse/discontinue treatment.
    • Right to express a complaint about their care and know the important contacts of AZHHCC.
    • Right to receive health care on the basis of clinical need and as outlined in the plan of care.
    • Right to receive emergency medical care and diagnosis easily and quickly.
    • Right to know the mission, vision and goals statement of the AZHHCC, and type of services and fees for the service provided.
    • Right to be free from verbal, mental, sexual, and physical abuse, including injuries of an unknown source, exploitation, neglect and misappropriation of property.
    • Right to have appropriate protection if the patient is an infant, child, disabled, elderly or vulnerable.
    • Right to have family members (or other representatives of his/her choosing) and his/her physician notified promptly while doing any procedure unless it affects any health and safety issues.
  • Patient/Family Members Responsibilities
    • Responsible to provide accurate and complete information concerning his/her health condition and symptoms.
    • Responsible to ask the questions about care or services if needed for further understanding or clarification.
    • Responsible for his/her actions should he/she refuse treatment or does not follow his/her care plan.
    • Responsible for assuring that the financial obligations of his/her procedure are fulfilled as promptly if applicable.
    • Responsible for treating AZHHCC staff with respect and dignity and providing a safe environment while they are at the patient’s home.
    • To respect AZHHCC policies related to No smoking, fire safety and prevention of infection control at home.