Benefits of Hemodialysis at home 

Benefits of hemodialysis at home 

With Dr. Sunny Home Health Care home dialysis you don’t just get the freedom from the hassles of going to the dialysis centre but there are many more benefits such as:

Eliminate regular trips to Dialysis centre: Going to a dialysis centre twice or thrice a week can be exhausting for any individual. With home hemodialysis you can skip these trips.

Enhanced quality of life:  The patient schedules his own dialysis, retaining the freedom to carry out the treatment at a time to suit himself.

Reduced risk of Infection: Patients are at risk of infections at the dialysis centers due to presence of multiple patients and healthcare interventions. With home dialysis infection risks can be potentially reduced.

Convenience: Most patients suffering from end stage kidney disease yearn for the flexibility to receive their necessary ongoing treatment at their convenience, allowing them to seamlessly integrate it into their daily routines. Our at home dialysis aims exactly for the same allowing the dialysis patients to spend valuable time with their loved ones, engage in normal activities, and break free from the confines of the hospital environment.

Better Mental Health: With an improved quality of life patients can feel relaxed as there is no stress of going to hospital. Additionally they can spend time with their loved ones during the dialysis process at home this will improve their mental health.

Security & Simplicity: The medical prescription of the patient is saved on a patient card. It makes the procedure simpler to follow and even secure.