Home Hemodialysis

Introduction to home hemodialysis

Life holds boundless possibilities beyond the dialysis treatment centre. With dialysis at home, Health2home gives patients undergoing dialysis treatment an opportunity to regain control & flexibility as well as improve the quality of life.

It is designed for patients who want to better their physical, mental, and social status. With home hemodialysis you can save time as well as transportation costs. Moreover, dialysis patients can be free to choose the time that suits you for the dialysis session.

Key features of home hemodialysis

  • Experienced medical team
  • Personalized treatment plans
  • Comfortable treatment environment
  • Advanced hemodialysis technology
  • Comprehensive kidney care

Our Strengths 

  • We adhere to high international safety standards
  • Highly skilled in Vascular cannulation
  • We consistently provide timely care to all patients

Monthly Package 

Our monthly package includes

  • A dedicated nurse for each patient
  • Dialysis machine that will come along the consumables and disposables
  • Nephrology consultant who will visit the patient once a week.

What sets us apart?

Access to quality care

Our in-home dialysis program provides three times weekly sessions, and we ensure that each patient receives the undivided attention and care of a dialysis nurse.

Unmatched Convenience & Flexibility 

We understand that managing dialysis treatment can be challenging. Therefore, we provide flexible timings for the dialysis that can fit your schedule.

We are the only company providing a nocturnal dialysis option, allowing you to receive dialysis after work hours.

Visitor Package 

Don’t let hemodialysis stop you from fulfilling your travel dreams. You can rely on us for receiving dialysis if you are traveling to the UAE for pleasure or for business.

We accept all major insurances