Al Zeyarat Home Healthcare Accredited by JCI – Joint Commission International

Al Zeyarat Home Healthcare Thrilled to Receive JCI Accreditation

Al Zeyarat Home Health Care Center is elated to have achieved the JCI accreditation. It has once again proved the organization’s dedication to provide the best level of care to all its patients.  With a team of qualified and well-trained medical experts and caregivers the facility offers world-class medical treatments required by the patients. The accreditation makes Al Zeyarat stand out from other home health care services.  Whether you want to take blood collection or a physiotherapy session from the comfort of your home, Al Zeyarat Home Healthcare is just a phone call away.

What is JCI Accreditation?

Joint Commission International (JCI), is a division of Joint Commission of Resources (JCR), the non-profit affiliate of the joint commission. The international branch accredits medical services around the globe and is a worldwide leader in improving the healthcare sector. They have been actively involved in the healthcare sector across the UAE since May 2006.

Their mission is to increase safety and quality of care through the provision of education, consultation services and international accreditation. The accreditation policy helps patients to choose between healthcare facilities and helps in improving patient safety. It stimulates systemic improvements in an organization’s performance and outcome in patient care.

Considered as Gold Standard

Getting an accreditation is considered to be a gold standard as many hospitals across UAE don’t receive it in the first chance. Even though JCI offers a second chance where the hospital has to correct the non-compliant issues within six months, still many health care providers fail to receive the accreditation.

During on-site evaluation JCI experts evaluate more than thousand elements to provide a complete evaluation of organization’s patient safety and quality system.  The JCI standards and evaluation methods are considered to be unique tools designed to drive positive change in the world of healthcare.