Blood Test at Home is the New Normal

Regular blood tests play a key role in detecting and monitoring various ailments, but finding a lab providing accurate results can prove to be a time consuming process. The advancements in technology have helped the healthcare providers to make diagnostic procedures a cakewalk for the patients. This is the reason why blood tests at home are becoming a new normal for anyone who is tired of waiting in long queues at labs waiting for their turn.

Especially, in wake of the Covid-19 pandemic more patients are opting for blood test at home, making remote blood collection and testing a popular practice. If you are still thinking of opting for the older method of going to a diagnostic center for blood test, consider these advantages of blood test at home before reaching to a conclusion:

  1. A comfortable experience: The diagnostic labs make use of the technologically advanced blood test kits that involve collecting volumetrically accurate blood sample on the absorbent tip of the device. This process is less painful and stressful for the patients.
  2. Easy Access: If you need to travel a long way to find a good diagnostic service, blood test at home is the best option for you. Rather than driving for hours to reach the labs amid traffic bottle-necks, you can simply pick your phone and book an appointment with your preferred diagnostic center.
  3. A Safe Choice: At-home blood sample collection is a safe bet for you as well as the healthcare providers. The trained healthcare specialists who visit you are equipped with proper gear and follow the norms put forth by the health authorities making sure that there is no sort of contamination.

The remote blood collection follows a patient-centric approach. Only a handful of healthcare providers send phlebotomists to the homes of patients to provide lab tests at home, when required. You can also access for in-home doctor visit if you feel.

Health2Home is equipped to send home healthcare specialists to collect lab samples at patient’s convenience at home or office.  All you need to do is fill out an appointment request form or place an appointment request through WhatsApp +971 52 844 4069.