Bringing back the old fashioned house call one satisfied patient at a time!

Bringing back old fashioned house call, one satisfied patient at a time!

In house doctor visit was a common practice in the older times but by the late 20th century this model of healthcare became obsolete. Doctors that make house calls became a rare sight, but with the increasing need to make timely care available for patients who cannot wait in long queues to get an appointment or who cannot reach the healthcare facilities due to various reasons, the old fashioned way of in house doctor visit is making a comeback as a modern healthcare solution.

The emerging trend is becoming an instant hit among patients due to the plethora of benefits offered by the house call model. Features like round the clock services and real time monitoring of off-site patient are some of the perks of the home healthcare services. With high-quality, technology-based, multidisciplinary care being provided to the patients within the comfort and privacy of their homes the old fashioned healthcare model is proving to be a savior for many individuals.

Especially for the tech-savvy generation who are making use of their smartphones for all necessary daily activities, placing a request for an in house doctor visit through WhatsApp is much easier than visiting the clinic and waiting to get a token to see a physician.

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