How can physical therapy help in arthritis?

How can physical therapy help in arthritis?

Arthritis can make life tough and simple daily activities seem like a herculean task. If you are struggling with daily functions like getting out of the car, getting in and out of chairs, climbing stairs due to arthritis, you need to book physiotherapy sessions offered by health2home so that moving around and performing daily tasks can become less painful for you.

Our expert physical therapists from health2home have helped several people suffering from arthritis by creating a personalized care plan tailored to their abilities and limitations. In this blogpost we will be explaining how physiotherapy can help you if you are suffering from arthritis.

Pain Management: Our physical therapists can employ various techniques to help manage pain associated with arthritis. They may use electrical stimulation like Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS), it is a non-invasive, non -pharmacologic method of pain relief through electrical stimulation. In some cases, our physiotherapists may use ultrasound therapy mainly used for its non-thermal effect where high frequency sound waves cause vibrations and movement of cellular fluids. In cases of extreme pain our physiotherapists may use both TENS and ultrasound therapy. In some cases, they may also use manual techniques (massaging with oil) to alleviate pain symptoms.

Joint Mobility and Range of Motion: Arthritis can lead to stiffness and reduced range of motion in the affected joints. To overcome this our physiotherapists can implement range of motion and stretching exercises termed as Active Assisted Range of Motion (AAROM).

Strengthening and Conditioning: Weak muscles around arthritic joints can contribute to increased pain and instability. Physical therapy focuses on strengthening these muscles to provide better support for the joints. This can help reduce pain and improve joint function.

Balance and Stability: Arthritis can affect balance and increase the risk of falls. Our physical therapists can incorporate exercises and balance training to improve stability and reduce the likelihood of falls.

Education and Self-Management: Our physiotherapists can educate individuals about arthritis, its impact on the body, and ways to manage symptoms. They also provide guidance on posture, joint protection techniques, and assistive devices to make daily activities easier and safer.

Assistive Device Prescription: Physiotherapists can assess the need for and prescribe assistive devices like canes, walkers, or braces to support and protect arthritic joints during activities.

Functional Training: Physical therapy can focus on improving functional abilities and facilitating the performance of daily activities such as walking, climbing stairs, or getting in and out of chairs. This helps individuals maintain independence and enhance their quality of life.

If you are in pain due to arthritis, you should consult with our physical therapists who specialize in dealing with arthritis conditions. You will be provided with an individualized treatment plan based on your specific needs and goals. Our physiotherapists will assess your condition, create a personalized exercise program, and provide ongoing support throughout your arthritis management journey.

If you are looking for the best physiotherapy service in the UAE, or if you have any further questions regarding our services, you can contact us today.