How to Take care of your Vascular Access?

How to Take care of your Vascular Access?

Creation and maintenance of a well-functioning, cannulatable vascular access is essential for performance of home hemodialysis. Taking care of your vascular access is crucial when undergoing home hemodialysis. Vascular access is the site on your body where the blood is diverted into an external machine and returned during dialysis. There are three main types of vascular access: arteriovenous fistula (AVF), arteriovenous graft (AVG), and central venous catheter (CVC). Here are general guidelines for taking care of your AVF & AVG vascular access:

  • Protect the Access Site

Avoid tight clothing, jewelry, or anything that might constrict blood flow.

Tip: Be cautious with activities that may cause trauma to the access site (e.g., carrying heavy bags on the access arm).

  • Keep the Site Clean

Wash the access site daily with mild soap and water.

Tip: Do not use creams, lotions, or powders on the access site without consulting a nephrologist.

  • Monitor for Signs of Infection

Watch for redness, swelling, tenderness, or discharge at the access site.

Tip: Report any signs of infection to your healthcare team immediately.

  • Avoid Blood Pressure Measurements on Access Arm

Blood pressure cuffs can damage the access site.

Tip: Have your blood pressure measured on the opposite arm or using a leg cuff.

Always follow our nephrologist & dialysis nurses’ specific instructions for caring for your vascular access. Regular check-ups and communication with our home hemodialysis team are essential to ensure the health and longevity of your access site.

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