Keep your health on track with house call

Many people put off a doctor’s appointment because of different reasons, such as the doctor’s timings clashes with their work schedule or they worry about waiting in long queues at the doctor’s clinic. Whether you’re suffering from a nagging back pain or if you have a child who is suffering from a skin allergy you can simply pick up your phone and call the doctor home without worrying about the above mentioned reasons. These scheduled appointments allow you to meet your healthcare provider within the comfort and safety of your home.

Medical technology makes it possible for patients with multiple medical conditions, such as diabetes and heart failure, to thrive in their own homes and be treated there. Calling a doctor at home can be an effective way of providing medical care to the seniors in the family and open the door to better health. The process is really simple you just need to call and book an appointment and the next thing you will see is a licensed healthcare practitioner visiting you within the convenience of your home and at a time that fits your schedule.

A House call visit can be completed while sitting at your dinner table or in the living room. You can use the time to ask whatever health-related concerns you may have. The visit is driven by you and your needs, so screenings and conversation topics can vary. The comeback of house calls is especially beneficial for patients who skip the follow-up visits for the inconvenience of reaching the doctor at the clinic.

If you are looking for patient-centric and professional home care services in the UAE, you can choose Health2Home. Health2Home offers long-term as well as short-term services that are in sync with the patient’s requirements.
Whether you want to get a blood test at home or 24/7 caregiving services for your loved ones within the safety of your home, the specialized team of nursing and medical experts from Health2Home can cater to your needs, all you need to do is make a call.