Routine habits that help Seniors stay healthy

If you are 65 or above, you need to take extra care of yourself as even a simple cold can snowball into severe health issues like pneumonia, bronchitis or a sinus infection within a short time. To prevent such a situation you can adopt a few healthy habits and make them a routine to help you to stay fit. These tips can be a great help for elderly living at home to stay healthy all throughout the year:

Avoid sedentary lifestyle

Retirement does not mean that you need to be confined to the four walls of your house. Try to remain active throughout the day, if you are not experiencing any major health issue. The activity does not have to be strenuous; instead you can choose to go on walks, swimming or engage in moderate intensity exercise for 15-30 minutes. Physical activity will help you boost your immunity and keep old age related illness at bay.

Opt for a healthy diet

Make sure that you are including fresh fruits, vegetables and lean meats in your diet. Eating healthy can help in boosting your immunity that would protect you against harmful viruses and bacteria. Besides boosting immunity certain fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants that will protect yours cells from damage.

Avoid including food products that are high in sugar and fat content. Consumption of too many sweets can cause inflammation in your body.

Get adequate amount of sleep

As you get older sleep becomes more important as it can help you improve memory and concentration. Seven to nine hours of sleep per night is imperative to reduce stress levels that can lead to excess production of cortisol. Increased production of cortisol can disrupt necessary body functions including your immune system.

If you are finding it hard to sleep, talk to your doctor, as it can be a sign of sleep apnea or restless leg syndrome. Inactivity during the day or consuming too much caffeine can also be the cause of insomnia.

Take necessary supplements

Few people might be recommended to take supplements including vitamin d, vitamin B6 or B12 or calcium tablets to maintain a healthy immune system. You should take the supplements only if your doctor prescribes it. If you forget to keep a track of your medicines you can ask your personal caregiver to provide you with the supplements on time.

If you are taking care of the elderly in your home and concerned that they are not following a healthy routine you can opt for private care for elderly at home. Health2Home is offering 24/7 caregiving services that can provide companionship and support to your loved ones.