Signs Your Elderly Loved One Needs Help Immediately

Resisting assistance is a common attribute of the ageing loved ones but sometimes you notice few signs that can be a silent call for help and these signs should not be ignored. A professional caregiver is trained to recognize these signs which include:

Bruises or Cuts on their body

An injury is the most obvious sign that your elderly loved one needs some assistance with their day to day activities at home. If you notice any bruise or cut you should immediately ask them how it happened and make sure it doesn’t repeat in the future. The most efficient way to ensure there is no such incidence in the future is by keeping a home caregiver who can make the living space of your loved one injury proof.

Lack of Cleanliness

Have you noticed a lack of hygiene in your loved one? Have they been wearing the same clothes for days or haven’t taken a shower for days? It may be because they might be finding these daily activities difficult to do on their own. If your loved one forgets to do things like shower, change clothes or eat, it’s time to have a conversation about assistance going forward.

Increased Irritation or Anger

Have you noticed that your elderly loved one is becoming irritated or angry at even petty things? Aggression may be a side effect of dementia. Even if your senior loved one has always had a temper, it’s important to take note of aggressive behavior. If your loved one’s attitude becomes too aggressive, it may be a sign to consider having a trained professional caregiver at home who has experience working with similar care recipients.

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