Tips for Seniors to Battle Cold Weather

Tips for Seniors to Battle Cold Weather

The plummeting temperatures are not just unpleasant but it can also be hazardous for our aging loved ones. With the winter season upon us it’s important that the older adults and those who care for them, take certain precautions this time of year. Especially, older adults with conditions of chronic illness and taking multiple medications are more vulnerable to the harsh cold weather. Here are a few tips that will help the seniors to battle this cold weather and remain healthy:

Staying Hydrated

Family members or caregivers must make sure that the seniors drink sufficient amount of water in winter as well (8-10 glasses a day). Though people feel less thirsty during the winter but the cold, dry air contributes to moisture loss, so make sure your elderly loved one is drinking consistently or it can lead to dehydration. Drinking alcohol and beverages that contain caffeine should be avoided. Besides drinking water, the older adults should eat frequent but relatively light meals.

Wear Warm Clothes

Even while staying indoors it is advisable for elderly people to be dressed in warm, comfortable layers. Older adults tend to catch chills easily, so warm socks, closed-back slippers with slip resistant soles and cozy throw blankets are ideal.

Maintain Adequate Room Temperature

If the weather becomes too chilly, it is recommended to use room heaters. In order for the heating to be efficient, it is recommended to properly seal home openings (windows, doors, etc.). Nevertheless, proper ventilations of rooms should be maintained.

Use Electric Blankets With Caution

Electric blankets can keep seniors warm and cozy, but they must be used very carefully to avoid burns, electric shocks and even fires. Any electric blankets or mattress pads that are more than a few years old may need to be replaced. The coils inside the fabric as well as the power cords and controls can get damaged over time, increasing the risk of accident or injury.

Stay Active

Even if the seniors are staying indoors encourage them to stay active and indulge in light exercise in order to increase blood flow and raise body heat.