What is Elder Care?

What is Elder Care?

As our loved one’s age, they become more prone to ailments as well as injuries and during this phase of life they need constant monitoring and support from the family members. But practically it is impossible for any family member to stay by their side 24X7 and this is where elder care comes into picture.

Elder care requires a lot of patience, compassion, and willingness to adapt to the changing needs of our loved ones. Dedicated caregivers who are trained in elder care know how to cater to the needs of senior citizens. The scope of elder care services include:

  • Daily living support: Elder care includes helping seniors with daily activities such as bathing, feeding, dressing, etc.
  • Managing Medications: Age related ailments are common in senior citizens. The caregiver will help them organize and manage their medications.
  • Support for external medical appointments: Accompany your parents to medical appointments, take notes during visits, and ensure they understand their healthcare instructions.
  • Medical records maintenance: Keep a list of their healthcare providers, medications, and any medical conditions or allergies for easy reference.
  • Engagement in physical and mental activities: Ensure your parents are maintaining a balanced diet, engaging in physical activities suitable for their abilities, and getting enough sleep.
  • Support emotional well-being: Aging can bring emotional challenges. The care providers are compassionate and provide emotional support to your parents. They engage them in activities they enjoy, maintain a positive atmosphere, and encourage social interactions with friends and family.

If you need any help in taking care of your elderly loved ones, you can rely on senior care services provided by health2home. Our care professionals are highly experienced and well-trained and provide 24/7 gentle and loving support.

We provide senior care for cardiac patients, cancer patients, kidney failure patients, patients suffering from lung ailments, dementia, and Alzheimer’s patients. By choosing our services you can be sure that your loved ones are in safe and secure hands.