What is Home Hemodialysis?

What is Home Hemodialysis?

Patients with end stage kidney disease (ESKD) need hemodialysis, hemodialysis is a technique that can be used both at home & in-centre dialysis centres. It works by taking the blood through a circuit outside the body, purifying the blood as it passes through a device known as ‘artificial kidney’ or ‘dialyser’- before returning the purified blood to the body.

Hemodialysis at home is becoming popular now as it is a convenient option and has several advantages. With dialysis at home, Health2home gives patients undergoing dialysis treatment an opportunity to regain control & flexibility as well as improve the quality of life. Home dialysis is designed for patients who want to better their physical, mental, and social status as it is easy to integrate into your lifestyle and offers several advantages in terms of quality of life and independence. With home hemodialysis you can explore boundless possibilities that life holds beyond the dialysis treatment centre.

Why choose home dialysis services?

Greater Independence: With home hemodialysis patients can enjoy greater  independence by choosing a time for dialysis that fits their schedule.

Save on travel time: Going to a dialysis centre twice or thrice a week can be exhausting for any dialysis patient. With home hemodialysis you can skip these trips.

Advanced hemodialysis technology: Home hemodialysis machines have changed considerably since the inception of the practice. Our portable hemodialysis machine uses the latest technology and is efficient in clearing toxins and extra fluids from blood.

Family support and involvement: With home hemodialysis patients are not bound to the hospital walls and can feel more comfortable & relaxed in their own home and the presence of their loved ones can help them feel more relaxed while they undergo dialysis.

Scope of our services

Experienced dialysis nurses: By opting for our hemodialysis at home treatment you can be assured of getting the best dialysis nurses who have years of experience in home dialysis set up. They will overlook your dialysis sessions to avoid any medical complications.

Lab tests at Home: We also provide regular blood tests needed by dialysis patients.

Nephrologist Consultation: Our experienced nephrology consultant will prescribe the dialysis sessions per week and decide the duration of each session after assessing your health condition.

If you or your loved one needs our hemodialysis services from the comfort of their own home, you can contact us today and get further details. We also accept major insurances.