The Right Doctor for Your Elder

A Primary healthcare provider for elderly patients is called a geriatrician. This kind of physician has finished a residency in either internal medicine or family medicine and is board-certified to treat older adults. With their experience they can easily treat complex medical needs of the ageing adults. If you are experiencing difficulty in finding the right geriatrician for your elderly loved one the following tips can help:

Get recommendations: Asking for recommendations from family, friends and co-workers who already have an elderly loved one at home might help you to narrow down on your search for the best geriatrician in town. Additionally, you can do a Google search asking ‘geriatricians near me’ and go through reviews about the geriatricians appearing in the search. This way you can create an initial list to find the best geriatrician for your ageing loved ones. If your parents have a specific medical condition, such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s, consult an advocacy group.

Location of the clinic: Before deciding on a particular primary healthcare provider for your elderly loved one always consider the location of their clinic and hours of operation. If you find a good geriatrician near your residence it can save you a lot of travel time. Always check for the office timings of the clinic and check if it matches to your schedule. Check if appointments can be booked in advance, so that you need not wait in long queues at the geriatrician’s office.

Look for the experience of the doctor: An experienced geriatrician will be able to guide you properly regarding the health and nutritional requirements of your loved ones. With experience the doctor will make you and the elderly comfortable while doing their thorough check-up. Look for a physician affiliated with a practice or professional network that requires high standards and a good record of positive patient outcomes. Standards of excellence include board certifications and associations with leading medical associations.

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